About Us

Internal visualisation

We process survey data into 3D digital formats including 3D BIM models, AutoCAD drawings, meshes and visualisations.

Architectural Revit model

We assess the clients requirements, receive the survey data and then put our dedicated team of specialists to work to create the 3D output desired.


We have in house software development to assist us in creating accurate as-built 3D models and drawings from point cloud data within AutoCAD and Revit. This helps us achieve competitive pricing, a fast turn around and all without sacrificing quality.


With the ever growing demand for high quality visual work we use the latest software packages such as Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5 to create realistic interactive walkthroughs as standard desktop or VR experiences.

  • Revit Modelling
  • AutoCAD Topographical Drawings
  • Detailed colour meshing
  • Visualisations

Understanding a client’s requirements can be tricky and with our experience we can assist in ensuring that all expectations are exceeded.

We have a dedicated team of professionals specialising in processing survey data into 3D outputs.

Within our team we have a wide range of experience from Surveying, Complex Plant modelling, Programming and Video Game creation so we understand the data process from start to end and we can easily adapt to whatever 3D output is required.

Questions / Answers

What We Do

How It Works

We assess the clients’ requirements, receive the survey data, and then put our dedicated team of specialists to work to create the 3D output desired.

What information do is required for a 3D model?

We primarily use 3D laser scanned data/Point Clouds to create our models.

Can you create a 3D model from our Topographical drawing?

Yes, we can use a Topographical drawing to create a 3D model in Revit or AutoCAD.