What We Do

How It Works

We assess the clients’ requirements, receive the survey data, and then put our dedicated team of specialists to work to create the 3D output desired.

What information is required for a 3D model?

We primarily use 3D laser scanned data/Point Clouds to create our models.

What is a Revit Family?

“Families” in Revit are elements placed within the model,(Doors, Windows, sinks etc.), which when placed, share information across all other instances of these items across the project, to allow for scheduling etc. e.g., x7 (single door, 880mm x 1980mm).

What is a Revit System Type?

“System Types” in Revit are the main types of elements, e.g., Walls, Floors, Roofs, Ceilings, Pipes etc.

What is a Revit Model in Place?

“Model in Place” items, are categorised (door/window/wall etc.) but are “hand drawn” and do not share information with any other elements in the project. These tend to have less intelligence (information) attached to them, and details such as wall joins will not work as well for these items, they are also much heavier on the project in terms of performance and size.

Can you create a 3D model from our Topographical drawing?

Yes, we can use a Topographical drawing to create a 3D model in Revit or AutoCAD.

Do you capture the survey data yourselves?

No, we focus on the processing of the survey data - however we work very closely with several surveying companies so we would be able to assist the capturing of the survey data.